FAQ on Gst Annual return

  1. What are annual return forms under Gst?

  2. Who need to file Gstr 9?
  3. Who is not required to file any of Annual return?
  4. Who is required to file Gstr 9A?
  5. Who is required to file Gstr 9B?
  6. Which return is required to be filed if a person was earlier registered as composition dealer and later switched to regular tax payer during same tax period(financial year)?
  7. Whether a person with nil turnover during 2017-18 is required to file Annual return?
  8. Whether a person whose registration has got cancelled before 31st march 2018 is required to file annual return?
  9. What is due date of filing annual return?
  10. If a person has taken multiple registration with single pan,then whether single annual return is required to be filed or it should be filed GSTIN wise.
  11. What is difference between Gstr 9 and Gstr 9C?
  12. What is last date of filing Gstr 9 & 9A for finalcial year 2017-18?
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